My projects

“Le Berceau de Carmen” A Revealed Adress

This is the name the owners picked for their lodge located in the heart of Chédigny, the only village in France classified as “Jardin Remarquable” (Remarkable Garden).

My mission there consisted in mobilizing different entreprises around this project which, at the time, was dragging on, verifying their specifications, assessing incurred expenses, establishing a list of all required finishes, proposing a theme related to the region and imagining various and harmonious atmospheres.

“Odyssées Féminines” A Unique Rendezvous

I’ve always been passionate about architectural heritage and very keen on bringing people with different artistic visions together.

“Odyssées Féminines” emulsified feminine ingredients with surprising flavours. It was elaborated with enthusiasm and, as with all good recipes, a lot of heart.

The tail of the Dental Practice

One day, a client called me up and said : “ My husband is going to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a month and during his absence, I would like to give our rather dated cabinet a nice facelift”.

Later that day, I was given the keys to the place, carte blanche and 10 days to transform the lobby, the waiting room and the secretary’s office.